How I Met Your Mother Finale Reaction

Spoiler Alert: It should go without saying that there will be some major spoilers about the HIMYM finale below.

Ok. I’m seeing a lot of negative reaction online about the series finale of How I Met Your Mother tonight. I can partly understand that. As was predicted by many, the Mother ends up dying. (I was convinced all of those hints were just red herrings, but I guess I was wrong.) At the very end, it is revealed that the Mother died from an illness 6 years before Ted is telling this story to his kids, and after telling the story, his kids convince him that he should ask out Robin, which he does by showing up at her apartment with the blue French horn.

I can see how this would upset people. The show is called How I Met Your MOTHER, after all. A lot of people have been watching this show just because they wanted to find out who the Mother was. However, to the people like myself who have been watching the show from the beginning and have gotten to know these characters over 9 seasons, I think the ending actually makes a lot of sense. In case anyone has forgotten, Ted fell in love with Robin in the very first episode, and then they end up dating in the second season. Even though they love each other very much, they decide to break up because they wanted different things in life. Ted wanted to settle down, get married, and have kids. Robin wanted to travel the world, pursue her career as a journalist, and didn’t want kids. Ted eventually met and fell in love with Tracy McConnell (the Mother), settled down, and had 2 kids. Robin ended up traveling all over the world and became a world famous news reporter. It makes sense that after both of them got what they wanted out of life then they would end up back together since that was the only thing that was keeping them apart in the first place. Some people are saying that having Ted get back together with Robin cheapens Ted’s relationship with Tracy. I can see how they might think that, but it’s not like Ted divorced Tracy to get back with Robin. They had a great relationship for 10 years, had 2 kids together, and were deeply in love for the entire time that they were together. But, Tracy died of an illness and Ted was alone for 6 years after her death. It took the urging of his own kids to convince him to actually move on with his life.

There are probably a million different ways that they could have decided to end the show, and I probably would have liked several of them just as much as the way they chose to do it. I might have even liked some of them better, but I think that the ending did the show justice. There are some things I probably would have changed. For example, I would have liked to have seen the Mother more. Not only is Cristin Milioti an excellent actress, but she and Ted made a great couple. But, I think I prefer this somewhat bittersweet ending over a cliche, happily-ever-after ending.