HIMYM Re-watch: Season 1

I decided that I’m just going to post a little recap and some commentary at the end of each season with the possible exception of particularly monumental episodes that I feel deserve their own posts. I probably would post more, but taking time to blog would mean it would take much longer to get through the episodes. Plus, I just don’t have time to sit down and blog everyday.


It had been awhile since I had watched any of Season 1, and I had forgotten how much actually happened during that first season. Of course, we had the first episode with Ted and Robin’s first date and the infamous blue French horn. Then, we had Ted’s relationship with Victoria. Ted then out-did the blue French horn with a blue string quartet. Marshall and Lily frantically tried to plan a wedding. Of course, throughout the whole season there were great moments of hilarity from Barney. Ted almost gets Robin a few times, he thinks he’s finally going to find love on several occasions, and then he finally gets Robin for real. And finally, the season ends on a bitter note with Lily leaving Marshall to go to San Francisco.


I think the first season really encapsulates everything that I love about this show. There were tons of hilarious moments that had me laughing out loud even though I had seen and heard all of the jokes before. There were also plenty of heartfelt romantic moments. And there were also some moments that tugged at the heartstrings and made you really feel for one of the characters (such as, Lily leaving Marshall). Another thing that I think gets under-appreciated is the life lessons that you can learn from the show. I know it might seem stupid that you can learn life lessons from a sitcom, but this whole show is a story that Future Ted is telling his children. Obviously, some of these stories are way more inappropriate than anything a father should be telling his teenage children, but he’s also telling them about lessons he learned along the way and mistakes that he made and regrets he has. One of my favorite quotes from the whole season is from the episode “Sweet Taste of Liberty” (the one where they lick the Liberty Bell). Future Ted tells his kids, “I never got where I thought I wanted to go, but I always got a good story.” I love that quote because it reminds me that sometimes it’s ok to just do something crazy with your friends that you normally wouldn’t do because if you never did something crazy then you would never have any good stories to tell.

Final Thoughts

One plot line that has never really been addressed since the first season is the “Love Solutions” girl that was a perfect match for Ted that he never actually met because he was still in love with Robin. I’m curious if they will incorporate that into the mother’s story and reveal that she was that perfect match that Ted stood up. I think it would actually be great if in the finale she just said a throwaway line like, “I even tried a dating service once, and I got stood up.” Only people that remembered that plot line from the first season would get the reference.

I also love all of the little running gags that were started in the first season that are still going 8 seasons later. For example about midway through the season, Barney is asked for the first time what he does for a living. To which, he replies “Please…” Of course, only a few weeks ago in season 9 was it finally revealed that his job is literally P.L.E.A.S.E. (Provide Legal Exculpation And Sign Everything).

Ok. That’s it for Season 1. I actually finished watching it a few days ago, but I just didn’t have time to write the blog post until now. It’s very unlikely that I will be able to finish the series by the day of the finale, so I’m setting a new goal of getting to the 100th episode by that time. Onward to Season 2.


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